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Care Package offers enough treats for 2+ to sample. Steamer Trunk gives enough booty for at least 4 adventurous souls.

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Your subscription begins effective the first of the following month. With one-click subscription cancelation, it’s a snap to put your snacking adventures on hold or cancel them all together.

3. Taste the World

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Exotic Flavors... You Never Knew Existed.


From the deepest corner of the Outback comes a bi-layered chocolate biscuit guaranteed to say “G’Day” to your tastebuds.

Lays Ketchup Chips

The umami uncle to the ubiquitous fried potato comestible combines ketchup and crunch.


*Corn* you believe this chips? Crispy tortilla presented with a spice mélange will take you South of the Border.


Bite-size tornados of chocolate and corn to sweep you away to the fjords of Norway. Skoal!

King Choc Nut

This Monarch comes offering so much peanutty-chocolately goodness that none can refuse it. Bow down and pay tribute to this Ruler from the East.

Manner Lemon Cream Filled Wafers

An old Austrian treat of crispy bite-sized wafers and lemon cream. The bag is bright yellow making it easy to see the lemony, fruity indulgence on you shelf!

Lion Bar

This King of the Candy Jungle reigns sovereign over all other chocolate bars. It’s thick caramel mane and mighty rice-crispy roar alert the wildebeest of its arrival.

Perugina Dark Chocolate Covered Whole Cherries

An interplay of Italian chocolate cherries strike a tender balance between being too heavy and too sweet. Bellissima!

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$24 / month
Grub Box Small

Up to 10 full sized packages
Exotic flavors from around the world
Discover new snacks monthly!
Great for 1-2 people!
Satisfaction guaranteed, cancel anytime

Grubiest Box

$39 / month
Grub Box

Up to 20 full sized packages
Exotic flavors from around the world
Discover new snacks monthly!
Great for 4-6 people!
Satisfaction guaranteed, cancel anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GrubBox?

GrubBox is the first monthly subscription service that allows you to enjoy the most delicious snacks from around the world!

What should I expect?

Each month GrubBox’s team of Foodlords curate a collection of snacks that best represent each continent. Have you tried TimTams, Ketchup chips, Takis or Smash!?!? Most popular Mouthwatering Snacks from Europe and Asia.

How much are boxes?

GrubBoxes are $29 for an individual box or $59 for a family box. An individual box includes up to 10 items, and a family pack includes up to 28 items.

Can I gift GrubBox?

Of course you can! GrubBox subscriptions make a perfect gift for any occasion.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately at this time GrubBox is only offered in the United States. We are working to expand our service to more areas in the future.

When does my box ship?

Regardless of when you join GrubBox, all boxes ship on the same day. You should receive your GrubBox within 4-8 days.

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